The Treat Much Right Campaign

The Treat Much Right Campaign
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The Campaign for the Right Treatment of Much
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Welcome to the Treat Much Right Campaign! If you are joining the community (and I hope you are!), please read all the information in this profile page – and especially, please read the posting rules before you post anything. All together now... Treat Much Right!

What is the Treat Much Right Campaign?

This community was inspired by the BBC series Robin Hood. One of the characters in this series is Much, the loyal manservant of Robin, who fought with him in the Holy Land and is always at his side.

Throughout the series there have been occasions where Robin is unnecessarily nasty to Much – teasing and making fun of him, calling him ‘simple’, refusing to let him sing, spending more time with the other outlaws, and so on...

Well, Robin, this just isn’t good enough! Collectively we cry out – Treat Much Right!

Disclaimer: Robin Hood is the property of the BBC and Tiger Aspect Productions. This community is entirely unofficial and has no links with the production or any of the cast and crew involved in its making.


Treating Much Right

In order to support the Treat Much Right Campaign, there are several things you can do.

- Join this community! (community activities and posting rules below)

- Tell everyone you want Robin to Treat Much Right!

- Post links to this community and the TMRC HQ in your LJ. There is also a TMR Facebook group that you can join and link to, and an outpost on Dreamwidth has just been set up as well.

- Use a TMR icon and/or display a TMRC banner or button on your website or LJ profile page (see below for how to get one!).


Icons, Banners and Buttons

I have made several icons, banners and buttons for the Treat Much Right Campaign: you can get one of these by going to my Photobucket (please give credit whenever appropriate).

If you wish to make your own icons (or indeed banners or buttons), that’s also great. Just use the text ‘Treat Much Right’ (or ‘The Treat Much Right Campaign’) and make sure they are within normal LJ restrictions. Banners can range in size, but all buttons for this community should be 100x50.


Community Activities

Be as inventive as you can in your support of the Treat Much Right Campaign, but I have some suggestions as to what you might like to do here in the community...

- Write angsty fics about Much, where he is upset by Robin treatment of him.

- Write hopeful fics about Much, where Robin is treating him right.

- Make icons, banners or buttons for yourself or for other members of the community.

- Make videos about Much.

- Make Much macros.

- Get T-shirts made (and post pictures here!).

- Write episode reviews specifically referring to mistreatment of Much.

- Or anything else you can think of!


Posting Rules

OK, this is where it gets serious. Please make sure you’ve read this before you post.

1) You have to be a member to post.

2) No commercial activity of any kind (e.g. please don’t do something like making T-shirts and then trying to sell them to members!).

3) No abuse, SHOUTING, obscene language, threats, unnecessarily hurtful remarks, or anything else of the kind. Remember, the spirit of this community is one of love and good treatment! Please give due respect to all other members.

4) Spoilers must be behind a cut. A spoiler is a piece of information that you would not know before watching an episode (but that you would know after you had watched it!). The most important spoilers are ones that are obviously major plot developments - but while a new series is being shown, please be careful to avoid posting any episode information outside of a cut. Please mark your cut tag with the episode(s) being spoilered. For further information on spoilers see this post - basically, if you post an uncut spoiler and fail to provide a cut for it promptly, I may feel it necessary to remove the post to make sure people's enjoyment of the show isn't spoiled (I'd let everyone know what happened to the post, of course!).

5) Pieces of fiction are very welcome, and I'm very proud that the lovely members of this community produce so many high-quality stories. If posting a story, please use a header of the following type:

Title: {your title}
Author: {you}
Rating: {use the British cinema rating, e.g. PG or 15}
Summary: {a one-line summary of your story - very helpful to the people compiling rh_press}
Notes: {this is optional - if there's anything you want to explain about your story, this is the place}
Warnings: {optional again - you may want to warn of the presence of explicit sex, swearing, etc)
Disclaimer: {make clear that you don't actually own the characters!}

I'm not going to complain a lot if you deviate from these guidelines a bit, but please do remember to include header and to give the rating/summary/disclaimer information for your readers.

6) If you wish to post icons you’ve made, they would be very welcome – but please put the images behind a cut (though you are allowed to give up to three sample images of icons).

7) If you wish to post banners you’ve made, again you’re very welcome – but please put all banners behind a cut.

8) You may post pictures of any kind (e.g. a poignant screencap), but anything larger than 100x100 must be behind a cut.

9) If there are any other contentious issues, please use your common sense (or get in touch with me if you need to).

10) Please use tags. I don't want to be too strict, but it would help if you adhered to the following...

- give a tag that states the kind of post you're making: 'fic' for stories, 'icons' for icons, 'reviews' for specific episode reviews, 'pimping' if you're telling us about another community, 'outside sherwood' for talking about Sam Troughton when he's not being Much, and so on.

- if you have spoilers in your post, use the tag 'spoilers'.

- if you are referring to a specific episode (e.g. for a review), use an episode tag in the format '1x04' (which would refer to season 1, episode 4).

- if you are posting a story, also use your username (e.g. 'rochvelleth') as a tag, and that will create a nice little portfolio of your work!

- the list of tags that have been used up to now is here.



Treat Much Right:

The Treat Much Right Campaign HQ

The Treat Much Right Campaign Facebook Group

The Treat Much Right Campaign on Dreamwidth

Please note that you can get a syndicated feed of the Dreamwidth outpost of Treat Much Right by subscribing to tmr_dreamwidth

The Treat Much Right Campaign on Twitter

Much sites:

Much's Robin Hood

Tribute to Much

A Victorian Girl's Tribute to Much

Sam Troughton sites:

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Team Troughton

Story Archives:

Much Fic Resource
(This is an amazing resource that allows you to look up Robin Hood stories by author, character, etc. - wonderfully thorough and excellently maintained.)

Other Resources:

Robin Hood Timeline
(The timeline is still under construction - click the link to see how you can help out! - but it is intended to give a sense of dates in various Robin Hood episodes to help for writing stories and so on.)

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Other communities:

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So, in conclusion...

Treat Much Right!

Much userinfo icon - - by wastingyourgum