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Written for Word of the Days @ 1_million_words community

Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Ratings G - PG
Summary - Short fics for WOTD's - Sycophant, Competent, Perceptive
Characters: The Gang

WOTD: SycophantCollapse )

WOTD: CompetentCollapse )
WOTD: PerceptiveCollapse )

[sp]; kate; yellow

Much icons

Posted by novindalf on 2012.05.16 at 15:30
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the rest here =)


Fic: Following Orders

Posted by hail_d on 2012.05.05 at 11:21
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Title: Following Orders
Author: Desdemon
Words: 1490
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Much/Robin, Allan, Will, Djaq, Little John
A/N: Found in a Google Docs transfer and only just now seeing the light of day!
Summary: A one-shot in which Much is high-strung, the Merry Men are kind of jerks, and someone gets kissed.

Story at the AO3.

x-posted to robinhoodfic and robinhoodslash

trinity of witches

Slashfest Tagging Reminder

Posted by whytewytch4 on 2012.02.27 at 06:08
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Hi Everyone!

First, we would like to say how wonderful it was to see such a positive response to our first Slashfest! We were overwhelmed by the number of fics, pics, and even videos that were submitted. Very soon, we will begin cataloguing the works, posting a master list with the links to everyone’s work. Before we do so, to make it easier on our cataloguers and to ensure no one’s work gets left out, we wanted to send out a reminder.

1.       1.  All works must be tagged with “Slashfest 2012"

2.       2.  All works must have been originally posted in robinhoodslash

We will be going through robinhoodslash and looking for those tagged works. Therefore, if your work is not properly tagged or not posted in robinhoodslash, please rectify that. We will begin cataloguing on March 5, so please have your work properly tagged and situated by then. If you have any questions, please contact sunnyday30 or whytewytch4.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for next year, please either comment here or contact one of us via PM or email. 

Thank you!


A Streetcar Named Desire

Posted by thesmallhobbit on 2012.02.26 at 22:44
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I saw A Streetcar Named Desire last week and have posted a review here at my journal.


Roll up people!

Posted by rochvelleth on 2012.02.21 at 17:32
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Hello people, hope you're having a good time eating pancakes and things :)

Just popping by to remind you that the Valentine comment-fic meme is up and running - we have some nice prompts (but more are always good) but not so many fics yet! Please do head over and contribute. Your fic could just be a drabble, or even shorter, so it doesn't have to take massive amounts of time. Let's spread the Muchlove ;D


(And please do keep posting your fics here - anything written for slashfest or left over from drabblefest, or indeed anything at all, is extremely welcome!)

face, chicken, scarlett

Stolen Moments

Posted by spikelvr75 on 2012.02.20 at 00:39
Current Mood: nervousnervous
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Title: Stolen Moments
Author: spikelvr75
Characters/Pairings: Robin/Much, mentions Robin/Marian 
Word count: 5,675
Rating: R18 (MA/NC-17)
Warning: Slash, Smut, not safe for work
Summary: A quiet night in the forest reminds Robin of his nights with Much in the Holy Land.
Disclaimer:These characters are not mine, they belong to the BBC etc.
Author's Note: For Slashfest 2012 beta's by iforget45 I'm not sure if I tagged the rating right             

(Read More)


Much Love Comment Fic Meme! <3

Posted by one_d_mouse on 2012.02.14 at 15:13
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

You know how you sometimes re-visit an old fandom, just to become as re-obsessed as you were before?  Sure, other shows have come into our lives and new fandoms occupy our time.  And Robin Hood was cancelled, leaving us high and dry and ready to move on.  But recently, I found myself craving this show and this community and all the lovely things about TMR!  I re-read the old fictions, I scanned fanfiction.net, and I watched all my favorite episodes on Netflix.  But I found myself longing for more...and in the hopes that you do, too, I present to you:


How it works/ the rules:
1.) Post a prompt for any Much fic you'd like to see written as a comment to this entry.  An example of prompt might be something like this: 

"Any season.  Much has a fever and the gang takes care of him."

Prompts can be as general or specific as you like.  (As long as there's Much, anything goes!)

2.)  You can leave as many prompts as you'd like, but one per comment please.  If you have several, you can post them each seperately.

3.) Scroll through the comments and when/if you find a prompt you like, write a fic in reply to the comment.  

4.) More than one fic per prompt is totally fine and completely encouraged!  Keep the Much love coming!

5.) Feel free to leave feed-back for the authors!  

6.) Later on, (or when I figure out how to do it) there will be a masterlist compilied of all your lovely new fics.  :)

If you have questions, feel free to PM me.  Happy Valentine's Day.  *loves* 


trinity of witches

Slashfest Extension!

Posted by whytewytch4 on 2012.02.13 at 21:49
Current Mood: chipperchipper

Just a head’s up—due to popular demand, we are extending the final day for submissions in the Slash Fest through the week-end (midnight your time, Sunday). Lots of people are celebrating time with their loved ones this week-end instead of on Valentine’s Day and so shall we. We’re definitely looking forward to what shinysparks has in store for us, and what else everyone else comes up with given a couple of extra days. 

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